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SHORT ROAD TO HELL: Tales of chronic misbehavior, mostly mine

Whether giving the eulogy at his father’s funeral in his underwear, trying to write sex scenes for a novel in order to satisfy his mother or simply going to the store for some aspirin, Bob Morris has a knack for getting in trouble. This collection of stories from a writer who Dave Barry calls “funny as hell,” will rectify man’s inhumanity to man and bring fulfillment to your everyday life. Short of that, it will at least keep you distracted from the dreariness of the news. Buy at AMAZON. Buy at BARNES & NOBLE.

ALL OVER THE MAP: Getting lost in good places

In this collection of travel essays, Morris, a two-time winner of the Lowell Thomas Award for travel writing, shares some of his favorite escapades from the road, taking us to far-flung places like the Maldives, Vietnam and Hong Kong, as well as the back roads of America and the swamps of South Florida. Says Anthony Bourdain: “Bob Morris can get to the heart of a place better than anyone I know.” Buy at AMAZON. Buy at BARNES & NOBLE.

GUT CHECK: Adventures in eating, drinking and wretched excess

In this collection of stories based loosely, very loosely, on a theme of food, Morris entertains with his take on everything from cooking jellyfish, lunching on whale meat (reluctantly), eating mangoes in the shower and dining on airplanes to his quest for the world's best conch fritter and the perfect bartender. Buy at AMAZON. Buy at BARNES & NOBLE.

THE MAN WITH THE FISH ON HIS FOOT: Tales from a peculiar peninsula

In this collection of 25 stories, Morris gives readers his twisted take on everything from the dangers of beach-walking and the joys of sweat to the thrill of landing a tarpon and the agonies of boat lust. Buy at AMAZON. Buy at BARNES & NOBLE.

THE WHOLE SHEBANG: Love & marriage & kids & chaos

This collection of 26 stories, from a writer Dave Barry calls “Funny as hell,” embraces the tears, the laughter and the occasional stinky diapers that come with everyday family life. From teaching his sons to surf to climbing trees, going fishing and failing miserably as a “Handy Dad,” Bob Morris brings wry humor and a sense of ongoing wonder to THE WHOLE SHEBANG. Buy at AMAZON. Buy at BARNES & NOBLE.